Owen & Fred transforms boring into extraordinary. A men’s brand and design company, Owen & Fred is focused on the essential items that men need to make their day excellent. From travel to bathroom to bar, our focus concerns high-quality materials and products designed in Brooklyn and made by manufacturers in the USA.

The Search for Better Brands and Products

Owen & Fred was founded in 2012 by Michael Arnot. The company began with a wallet. As Mike searched high and low for a new wallet, he found that most products in department stores and even smaller boutiques were poorly made with inferior materials. And when he discovered that American-made goods weren’t as easy to find as he hoped, the search was on for craftsmen and women that could make the products he desired at affordable costs. What Michael found was an enormous source of Americans making great products that he was confident men would want. With an office no bigger than a broom closet and a credit card, Mike opened up the digital doors to Owen & Fred. By the end of that first year, GQ Magazine had named Owen & Fred one its “Best” of 2012, and the company was featured in many blogs and magazines.

Brooklyn Design: Cheeky and Made to Make You Smile


Owen & Fred focuses its design on essential items that men need to make their day excellent — from the time they wake until they go to sleep. The company also believes that words matter and you’ll find words - either cheeky or inspiring and sometimes both — hidden on its products. The company aims to release at least one new product per month, always designed in Brooklyn and made in the United States. Products are designed with a man’s day to day life in mind in broad categories including travel (such as bags and luggage tags), home and work (such as bar accessories, pens and pencils) and personal accessories (such as wallets and valet trays).

Because words can be prominent in their design, the use of type is important to the company. Owen & Fred primarily relies on Knockout, a typeface designed in 1994 by Hoeffler & Co, a New York City-based foundry, and Gibson, a typeface designed by Rod MacDonald, one of Canada’s leading designers. Knockout in particular is an authoritative type employed on its shaving kit bags and bottle opener, among other products.

Owen & Fred uses a variety of materials in its products, ranging from cotton canvas, cordura nylon, including ballistic nylon, leather from leading tanneries in the USA such as Horween and Wickett & Craig, Eco-Friendly dyes, stainless steel and brass. Its line of soaps are all natural, vegan and organic.

Men’s Goods. Made Great.

Owen & Fred operates from Greenpoint, Brooklyn’s historic Pencil Factory. It is proud to be able to employ a team just as committed as Michael is to delivering great products to customers around the world. Owen & Fred strives to create men’s goods that are charming, surprising, maybe a little cheeky, but always of the highest quality. Simply put: Men’s Goods. Made Great.